Services that I Offer

I am currently a full time faculty member at Northampton Community College. However, I do offer the following design, development, and training services on a contractual basis. I also offer on going consulting and advising to existing clients.

User Interface Design

I have over 15 years of experience designing human interfaces for desktop, web, mobile, and now VR apps.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

I specialize in html/css theme conversion, custom themes, and plugin development for WordPress.

Ruby on Rails Web Apps

Do you need a web application created quickly and hosted on a cloud platform like AWS? Ruby on Rails could be your solution.

iOS and Android Apps

Everyone has an idea for an app, but only few can bring those app ideas to fruition. I can help you create your app from design to implementation.

Unity 3D for Games and VR

Unity is my favorite platform develop games because of the platform and the community that surrounds it.

Digital Publishing

Whether you have a traditional book you would like to publish as an eBook or an existing app that you need help with publishing or marketing, I've done both and would be happy to help you.

I would be happy to discuss your project with you to see how I would be able to assist you with it.

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