Sarah’s Dream

This is a game that was created for the final project in the ITGM 719 course. The inspiration came for this game came from six year old daughter. She is an avid video gamer and I wanted to create a game with some help from her. I am also a fan of 2D platformer games and wanted to see find out what it would take to program these types of game mechanics.

The objective of the game is lead the girl through three levels. Levels two and three are locked and must be opened by a key you have to get in the previous level. The only controls are the UP, LEFT, RIGHT, and SPACEBAR keys. Just click Start to play the game.

This game was created using Actionscript and some of the artwork was created in Photoshop and Illustrator. All of the code is original and no open source code or a game engine was used.

You can play the final game here:

** Please allow for the game to fully download to your browser **

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