Mocha Bean Game Prototype

This is a game that was created for multiple courses at SCAD. This game was first developed as a web based game using Flash and Actionscript. Recently, I revised and converted this game prototype to iOS.

The inspiration came for this game because I was spending a lot of time in coffee shops working on my grad work. Also, match three games like Candy Crush peaked in popularity and I wanted to see what it would take to program these types of gameplay mechanics.

The objective of the game is to see how many matches you can get in 60 seconds. Just click and drag the icons to make matches.

The primary aesthetic choice in this game is the monochromatic design using white visuals. Part of the inspiration for Mocha Bean was seeing the chalk board menus and sketches at the local coffee shops that I was working at. In Mocha Bean I wanted to use flat icons with a white outline to give the feel that these icons where drawn on a chalk board.

While it is now a playable iOS game, it is still a single level prototype. I plan on continuing to develop this game with the following features so that it will be more marketable on the App Store.

  • Multiple levels with varied mechanics using a world map to allow the player to progress through the levels but completing levels.
  • Adding more colors to the color palette.
  • Improving the animations and interactivity of the icons and menu interactions


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